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I loved this place. I recently moved to Brooklyn from the South West and have been craving a good burrito and while I have located several places near my usual haunts, none of them looked like they would satisfy as necessary. When I ordered from my expectations were low, but I was pleasantly surprised. First, my food arrived quickly - in about 20 minutes. The delivery fellow was polite and prompt, and the food was warm. When I sat down to eat, drowning in my own saliva, I was elated by the quality of the food and feel that I more than got what I paid for. The burrito I ordered really hit the spot and the tortilla soup was magnificent. The ingredients all appeared decently fresh and were plentiful in portion; the guac was pretty damn good; and the only point at which I became disappointed was when I finished my food. I can't justify ordering out too much, but the next time I NEED a good burrito and am feeling too lazy to put on pants, I will not hesitate about ordering from here again.


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I am a huge grubhubster and Latina from California, and this little bistro truly bright me back home. Everything was just amazing; definitely going to order from here again....perhaps tomorrow again to be exact. PS, the tostones and the spicy guac....#dead it was so good.


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Absolutely the best Mexican food in Sunset Park! Fully flavored food, fast service, and friendly staff. If you don't order from them, you're missing out on the best Mexican food this side of the Rio Grande.


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This food is some of the best Mexican food I have ever had! Everything was fresh and delicious, and I am the biggest food snob I have ever met! I approve 100% and will definitely order from here again!


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Great Flautas, Soup, Nachos, Platanos etc. Basically have never had a disappointing item here. My favorite restaurant in my neighborhood. I recommend physically going there for their sunday brunch!

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Marias has great food. I was surprised when I offered the meatless burrito, I didn't read the menu right and thought it was just going to be beans cheese lettuce and the usual burrito fillings, but when i bit in, OMG it was delicious! there was spinach and mushrooms, and the flavor of the sauce on the side was the kicker. great food great prices.


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Nachos were excellent. Burrito also extremely filling and tasty. Always arrive way before estimated arrival time. Restaurant was out of a dessert. They called and offered an alternate. Even though the dessert was more money, they allowed it with no charge. My go to spot for Mexican food. Can't beat it.


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When I ordered from Maria's Bistro Mexicano, I expected the run of the mill local Mexican. I was horribly mistaken. The delivery took less time than I expected, and the food blew my mind. The Ceviche and Guacamole were perfect. I'll be ordering from Maria's quite often, the food is outstanding.


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Ive been to Maria's and was so hesitant to order but DAMN this food was on point. We ordered Pernil, fajitas, and a side of spinach. Everything was delicious and hot, delivery was right on time... honestly, the spinach was my favorite part - I was very impressed.


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My wife and I typically do a Sunday brunch here with friends once or twice a week. Great food, Great prices, and a friendly staff! Their Guac is great! Their burritos are tasty but have a ton of rice filler.

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